Tigelle montanare,ricetta emiliana

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Questa grande nevicata mi ha suggerito una ricetta tipica dei nostri appennini-modenesi-bolognesi:le tigelle montanare.Un po’ di storia :”Le tigelle erano in origine piccoli dischi composti di argilla purissima prelevata nei castagneti a notevole profondità, veniva poi miscelata con una speciale terra refrattaria si amalgamava con acqua, si confezionavano i dischi e infine temprati “cotti” nella cenere ardente.

Source: blog.giallozafferano.it

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Colin Farrell is gezicht Dolce & Gabbana – Nieuws.nl

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Colin Farrell is het gezicht van een nieuwe parfum van Dolce & Gabbana. De Ierse acteur is over een paar maanden te zien in een campagne voor het geurtje Intenso. Dat heeft het Italiaanse modehuis donderdag bekendgemaakt.”We zijn ontzettend blij dat we met zo’n talent samen kunnen werken”, laten Domenico Dolce en Stefano Gabbana weten in een verklaring aan Amerikaanse media. “Toen we dit luchtje maakten, moesten we meteen aan Colin denken. Hij is de belichaming van mannelijke kracht en sensualiteit.”

Source: www.nieuws.nl

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Pizzeria Back to Basics Haarlem | Biologisch Italiaans

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Welkom bij Back to Basics. U kunt bij ons genieten van de enige echte biologische houtoven pizza in Haarlem en omstreken. Wij maken onze pizza’s volgens traditioneel Napolitaans recept. Daarnaast kunt u bij ons terecht voor dagverse antipasti en verschillende soorten pasta’s. Om u te verrassen, stellen wij iedere week een nieuw menu samen. Dit bereiden wij met liefde en zoveel mogelijk eerlijke streek- en seizoensproducten.

Source: www.pizzeriabacktobasics.nl

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Beautiful Venice Italy

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Maria is Italian and her love of Italy shines through in this stunningly visual guide to beautiful Venice Italy. You’ll be swept up into an Italian dream world – except it’s real!Sometimes when you gaze out at Venice you think…is this real? It seems too beautiful and too different from any other city to be anything but a gorgeous dream.You fear you’ll awake and find it all an illusion…except you never need to. This is Beautiful Venice Italy and it’s real.Throughout my site I try to take you through this city, discovering forgotten corners as we go and looking at the most famous sights in new ways.When I originally started on this journey of exploration, many years back I was alone apart from the help of my family. As the years have gone by we have explored further and further. Through the Veneto and into many other regions of Italy.

Source: www.venice-italy-veneto.com

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How to Dress Like An Italian Woman

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Yes, you can steal Sophia Loren’s look and dress like an Italian woman—use these tips and fashion suggestions and you’ll look and feel impossibly chic.

Source: www.cntraveler.com

10 reasons why you should go to Matera before 2019

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In the south of Italy there is an enchanted city, which has maintained through the centuries its ancient spirit and has recently been elected 2019 European Capital of Culture. This city is Matera, located in the heart of Basilicata. Swide gives you 10 good reasons why you absolutely have to go.[...]

Source: www.swide.com

From Bavaria to Le Marche for the Love of… Truffles

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Taken home, Klaus began taking an interest in wine and especially truffles, becoming an expert, making known the truffles of Le Marche in the programs of Bavarian and German TV.

But the passion for the Marche brought Klaus to turn into a tour operator sui generis.

Together with Federica from Jesi they organize groups of abut fifty north-european tourists for visits of three or four days in the central Marche.

Their guests are excited about the Marche and even though he has never made promotion initiatives, with the simple word of mouth, he has obtained bookings for its tours until the end of 2015! [...]

Source: www.originalmarche.com

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