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Why we love Italy in the autumn, especially late September, October and November, from the lower prices and crowds to the beautiful weather in Italy!


Thinking of coming to Italy in autumn? You’re in luck—it’s one of our favorite times to visit Italy. Here are just five reasons why we love Italy in the fall!


Sagre, sagre everywhere

In the autumn, sagre, or festivals celebrating a local food or wine, pop up all over Italy. We adore these sagre; they’re a fantastic way to experience the local produce and culture, usually with hardly any other tourists!


It’s harvest time!

A big reason for all of the sagre in Italy this time of year is the fact that it’s harvest time. Olives are harvested in the autumn, and participating in a harvest—or even just tasting the result!—is a fantastic experience.


Fewer crowds… and lower prices

For many, of course, this is the big reason to consider autumn: The prices, and crowds, drop from their yearly high in July and August.


Gorgeous fall colors

It’s not just New England that gets brightly-colored leaves in the fall! Italy, too, shows off a range of beautiful colors come October. Of course, the best place to see the fall colors is in Italy’s wooded national parks.


Benvenuto, beautiful weather and cooler temperatures!

In the early autumn, it can still be fairly warm. In fact, as far north as Venice, temperatures still tend to be in the 70s and 80s through September. But that’s already much more comfortable than the heat of July and August, and by October, the weather typically turns spectacular.

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