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Sicilians, like many other Mediterranean people, give little gifts of sugared almonds to all their friends when celebrating the key events in their lives. If they are fancily wrapped sugared almonds, they are called confetti. If the almonds also have a gift attached, the whole thing is called a bomboniera.


Sicilians take this art form to a higher level than any other people, and they attach more importance to them than anyone else.


You give friends, relations, acquaintances and neighbours confetti or a bomboniera when you get married, when your baby is born, and christened, and when your child has first communion. You give them for every life-changing event you live through, as a way of requesting good wishes from everyone. You have better not miss anyone out, for that would be one of the many unforgivable social gaffes that can make living in Sicily feel like picking your way through a minefield for outsiders.

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